Tuesday, 16 August 2011


His trip around the USA has been problematic. He's gone missing twice, the latest stall in his adventure is occurring right now; he's been stuck in place for two months and I've only just been informed that he is still with his last host, due to illness, which is unfortunate.

I have asked for him to be returned home, so that I can forward him to Australia for the last leg of his tour. I am cutting his stay in the US short by doing this but, unfortunately, he was supposed have been in Oz, Tas and NZ over a month ago, so I have no choice.

To those in the USA who were expecting him, I apologise, but I simply can't risk him disappearing again, so I'm going to try and conclude this tour as soon as possible within the deadline and see what happens next. It may well be that I no longer send him about and about randomly. He may be assigned to specific trips with specific people.

This also means that there are few photographs from the United States, which is disappointing as there is a lot he could have done and seen. But these days, everyone is feeling the pinch and charity is taking a bit of a knock, which is regrettable but understandable as belts tighten. This is why I reduced the target figure from £5,000 to £1,000; it was clear early on that not a lot of money was around to put to a charity that was outside of the countries he was visiting. 

People get ill, or they have life changes that affect their plans and Mr T gets caught up in that too, so it's something we have to accept as part of his lifespan during tours.

Hopefully, the little fur-ball will be back home for a rest before his final journey this year. 

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