Friday, 4 March 2011


Bob took him off for a 10-day tour of India and, by all accounts, he's had a wonderful trip and met lots of new and exciting people.

His 'trophy' box is beginning to fill up with lots of bits and pieces that people have been sending him home with and on his return from India, he had collected a Five Rupee note and a few coins, as well as a luggage tag, stamped with the date of his travels.

Keep it up folks! He's starting to tour in earnest now and his next destination is the USA, where I'm sure he will have even more adventures.

Don't forget to jot down your memories with him and send them to us so that we can post them in this blog.


  1. How fun is that !~! So glad his trip to India succeeded and he got home safely.

    wv = turdster
    hadda share

  2. He arrived in the gorgeous San Francisco Bay Area safely. He got up, stretched and looked quite surprised to see the sun shining. We have had LOTS of rain this month; the sky smiled today on Tonsilpus. We will keep you informed as to his travels in our state.