Monday, 22 November 2010

Off we go

The little woolly one is coming back home from his UK tour for a rest and a clean up. His passport should already have a good few signatures in it, so I'll see if he needs another one, with more pages perhaps!

At the end of this month I will send him abroad to Canada; he's had lots of invites from that country, so he will stay there over Christmas and New Year - unless a New Yorker offers to take him for New Year's Eve and we can show him in Times Square.

If you want to host him, please use the form on the website. It's important you re-apply if you emailed before but didn't receive a response. His website is the only official route to hosting now, so get your skates on before he visits your neck of the woods and leaves before you see him!

Thanks to all those who have donated so far - the target is still a long way off but I'm sure we will crawl our way to it over the next few months.

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